Heating & Ventilation are indeed two of the most crucial aspects of a comfortable home. Unless and until the house is well and truly insulated, the thermostat is only going to creep up sending your bills in that direction too. Hence consulting TK Electrics prior to having the heating system installed is a grand idea to ensure cost savings. We, at TK electrics, consist of a team of expert electrical engineers and technicians who are very professional and extremely focused on their job. With years of experience to their advantage, the team does not waste time to get to the crux of any problem.

Now, heating & ventilation are almost connected by a very thin line although they are bang opposite of each other in the very sense of the words. Only a house with well planned and designed interiors allow ample air circulation, where appropriate provisions for windows or other vents are provided such that they encourage cross ventilation and sufficient air flow. A well- ventilated household will allow for airy and breezy interiors during summer and allow free flow and movement of heat without any unnecessary stagnation which would result in amplified heating. This way, ensuring proper air flow and air circulation within the household interiors helps in increasing the heating and thereby preventing increased load on one end of the internal house electrical circuit which could in turn lead to short circuit or fuse blowing out.

Now in case it so happens that a house hasn’t been built or designed giving a prior consideration of the above discussed essential factors that contribute to a good living atmosphere within the house and at the same time curtailing the costs on electricity, we always have an alternate solution. In a space that lacks natural circulation and cross ventilation, we fix an exhaust fan at a newly made vent to control the levels of air circulation within your household. Thus, this way, the kitchens do not become too stuffy and hot with the heat from cooking while the rest of the house is rendered smoky. During winters, these exhaust fans work in a way to direct the central heating and keep it circulating in the direction of all quarters of the house, by controlling the pressure levels inside. Thus TK Electrics is a dependable name if you want your electrical connections to last for a lifetime without incurring a fortune in bills.

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We can look after all your electrical requirements whether it's wiring extensions, installing additional lights or sockets, repairs and faultfinding or dealing with an emergency repairs or complete rewires. Our competitive rates and a team offering a friendly, professional service guarantees you the best results in the best possible time.

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