It is an essential and a legal obligation for a company to have an emergency backup lighting in the workplace for commercial purpose and uninterrupted workflow. We at T K Electrics provide premium emergency lighting system for your firm at a cost effective and proficient way by supplying & installing appliances and maintaining the emergency system regularly.
T K Electrics being very well versed with the commercial sector are very much capable of providing emergency lighting system to any and every business premises like corporate office buildings, educational institutions, medical facilities, commercial enterprises, hotels, restaurants and so on.
The emergency lighting system installed by T K Electrics will get operational instantaneously at the very first sign of any power failure. These lights will illuminate the client's business zone very luminously so as to facilitate uninterrupted proceedings. The well lit emergency lighting system will also help the traffic to move towards the emergency exit in occasions requiring immediate evacuation of the business premises like in cases of fire, electrocution, earthquake and vandalism by external forces. The lighting system will remain in operation for considerably long periods of time in between which the professional electricians for T K Electrics will visit the premises for troubleshooting. Once the lighting fault is found, the repair work will be done immediately and after complete eradication of the fault, the standard system will be activated. For all these ongoing the firm will be provided with professional certificate by T K Electrics.
The emergency lighting systems by T K Electrics are made with dual power service so as to remain in operation on both lighting failure and power failure occasions. The battery backed up emergency lighting system has a different framework than the standard lighting infrastructure. In lighting failure occasion this draw power from power system and in case of power failure this draw power from dischargeable batteries. So the commercial sector will always remain illuminated by TK Electrics emergency lighting system.
The emergency lighting system from the house of T K Electrics comes with a plethora of goods and services. The emergency lighting products available are illuminated signs of fire exit, emergency standard lights, emergency spot lights, LED lights, LED escape guide lights, recessed lightings, fluorescent lighting for escape route and many more. We also provide the installation services for emergency lighting to new establishment and upgrade to existing emergency lighting system. We also offer great after sale service and maintenance to the client making their work environment safe and light.

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We can look after all your electrical requirements whether it's wiring extensions, installing additional lights or sockets, repairs and faultfinding or dealing with an emergency repairs or complete rewires. Our competitive rates and a team offering a friendly, professional service guarantees you the best results in the best possible time.

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