Lighting and wiring, any layman's worst nightmare, especially if it is in a residential space and holding up imminent plans. Just imagine you having set up the lights on the Christmas tree and set up the space for a grand party for your guests and just in the nick of time the lights go out and you all are submerged into complete darkness. Wielding your way out to find the root cause analysis or even diagnose the problem to convey it to the technician can be quite a hassle in the dark. Worse even if your wiring is not concealed and all the wires form a tangled mess which makes it difficult to distinguish one wire from the other. Hence, it only makes sense to have a complete overhaul of the existing wiring and electric installations just to provide more ground to the old adage, prevention is better than cure.

If your wiring and electric installations haven’t been inspected in a while or haven’t been replaced since installation, it makes only sense to request for an inspection and checkup of the existing systems. With the advent of modern technology, one need not expose wiring to visibility for people to see. It becomes all the more necessary and meaningful to have concealed wiring when there are kids in the house. It helps when there is actually a problem with the electrical system because when the wiring system is planned, it is very easy to identify and rectify the fault without disturbing the remaining wire systems. With our expert team of electricians and electrical technicians at TK Electricals, our approach to any new project is to create a larger plan for the complete execution, interspersed by shorter milestones to get substantial chunks of work completed and the entire project surmised in the initially projected time. No unnecessary delays, no uninformed extensions, no postponed work, instead a very professionally executed plan to complete any undertaken project, be it fresh installations, replacements, maintenance or repair.

Moreover, for every fresh installation, we offer a guarantee period during which if the problem surfaces again will be covered by free maintenance charges. Our installations are also protected from fire and other chance hazards because the material used for electric wiring and installations is of highest quality insulating material. Your safety is our greatest concern. So opt for our maintenance or installation or repair services if you want value for your money and time and thorough professionals who are experts at what they do, to deal with.

TK Electrics provides you thebest electrical services.

We can look after all your electrical requirements whether it's wiring extensions, installing additional lights or sockets, repairs and faultfinding or dealing with an emergency repairs or complete rewires. Our competitive rates and a team offering a friendly, professional service guarantees you the best results in the best possible time.

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