In a company it is important to have good ventilation whether in the centrally air conditioned work place or the server & storage rooms or even the boilers. To provide for best quality fan heater, storage heater and exhaust fan in your firm with proper installation and maintenance we T K Electrics offer our services to you.
The services provided by T K Electrics are of different kinds relating different operations like heating, ventilation and air conditioning.
The heating services for T K Electric cover everything from roof top units to basement units of a company. The services provided by us include the servicing and maintenance of the equipments of any and every brand related to heating and also their proper installation. We increase the efficiency of the heating by installing controls and work on temperature adjustment according to client's schedule. T K Electrics is an elite firm of heating solutions as we tend to address your temperature drop problems very proficiently making the equipments stay in better shape at a very cost viable scheme.
T K Electrics has exclusive involvement with a wide range of aeration products, including exhaust fans, circulatory aeration systems, exhaust sheds and state of the art ventilation systems. We are very astute in installing and maintaining point-of-utilization systems and making those incorporate fluidly with increased clarity. The guarantee of high performance of your ventilation and exhaust systems is assured by our ventilation solutions to continue performing at peak levels. The maintenance services provided by T K Electrics are mainly related to cleaning of fans, lubrication of motors, replacement of filters and controlling of the free flow of air making the breathing of the company easier ad fresher.
The workplace environment must be well maintained so as to keep the environment healthy and morale of the workers high resulting in a profitable output of the company. The air conditioning system of the commercial sector is well maintained and serviced by T K Electrics professionals for an assured quality air in the office premises. The humidity control and the temperature control for the air conditioning system will keep the air suitable for every occasion and season like cool and fresh summer setting and comfortable warmer winter setting.
All the trouble shooting and maintenance jobs are carried out very proficiently by T K Electrics in schedules and schemes tailor cut according to the need and financial feasibility of the client firm.

TK Electrics provides you thebest electrical services.

We can look after all your electrical requirements whether it's wiring extensions, installing additional lights or sockets, repairs and faultfinding or dealing with an emergency repairs or complete rewires. Our competitive rates and a team offering a friendly, professional service guarantees you the best results in the best possible time.

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